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Author: Ghostify

Artist Tips: How to get signed

So, you’ve made this incredible track? You’ve spent hours, days, if not weeks or months perfecting it? This one’s surely got to be it? It’s definitely the best track you’ve ever made. All of your mates agree that this track needs to be heard, and not just

Ableton Live 10 – What you need to know

The wait is almost over. It’s been nearly five years since Ableton Live got a major update, with 2013’s Live 9 now looking increasingly long in the tooth next to its rivals. Thankfully, there’s not much longer to wait for the next full version of

10 Truths About “Making It” In Music

Don’t believe the hype – the music industry isn’t dead! The digital age is quite simply the best time for music and musicians. Ever. We can’t get enough of new music, there’s never been more of it available and artists are retaking control of themselves.

Spotify take the big step to help remixers

For the first time, streams of remixes will count towards the monthly listeners of all credited artists. This update applies to all streams dating back to the beginning of 2015. Remixes are a major part of the way music evolves in the 21st century. They build

5 Ableton Live Tips To Revolutionize Your Workflow

Ableton is a bit like a Russian doll: the more layers you peel back, the more you discover underneath. While there are countless articles written on unlocking the power inside the obvious plug-ins, like the built-in compressor and EQ, there’s a host of features that